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Garnishing Meals

About us.

The Food Visionaries

We founded Nakara with the idea of bringing Crete's best ingredients and modernised recipes to the forefront of the island's emerging real food movement. We specialize in using farm fresh ingredients and old fashioned inspired techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious, healthful and oh so satisfying.


With our experienced collegues in the European restaurant scene we can also host fine dining events for those who need a more elegant touch.

As private chefs, we can be hired to cater family meals and intimate events. We pool our resources to create awesome meals for small to medium size private and corporate events. Call us today to see what we can do for you.


Offering a variety of high end services and unique menus, Nakara is one of today’s leading voices in the contemporary catering industry. Years in the business have helped them develop a unique team from professionals, literally, to every client, taste or need. So whether you’re planning a housewarming glamorous party in your own private space, tired of cooking for fussy family members or simply need a break from the kitchen in your holidays - Nakara has what you need. For more information, or to book a service, get in touch today.


Stella Diomantaraki

General Manager & Sommelier

Stella keeps our company running smoothly by overseeing our day to day operations, including managing our events. Stella makes the incredible difficult job of organising everything look easy according to our clients wishes .She is also hosting amazing wine tasting sets and can offer you concierge services. She is our heavy duty multi tasker!

Get in Touch

Christos Saridakis

Executive Chef

Christos Saridakis has been the heart of Nakara since 2013, and lives to make our clients’ palates happy. Chris has great experience in private caterings throughout Europe.  He is the first to make cretan asian fusion cuisine in the island,  he does all the shopping , and quite frankly, we’d be lost without him!

Get Chris as your Flying Chef

Iosif Petroff

Guest Executive chef (Bocuse culinary school)

Iosif Petroff has been a work collegue since 2019 , he has been voted one of the area’s best in the culinary field. His creations are compared to those of michelin awarded chefs and his work is a piece of art. There is no doubt that Nakara would be completely different without Iosif Petroff. 

Hire Iosif as your flying chef.
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